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Install the Splashtop Business App

You only need to install this on the computer that you want to use to remote control your school or office computer.  For example your home computer or your laptop.

Click here to install the Business App, this link takes you to the Splashtop Download page where you need to choose the right download for your computer (under the heading "Splashtop Business Access"), eg Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or macOS 10.7+.  Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when clicking on this link.

Instructions of how to install and use Splashtop Remote Control.

School Version     Business Version

If you need more help installing or using Splashtop please check out our videos.

Click the Video icon to the left.

Install our Splashtop Remote Control Agent

This should only be done by Infinity Computing staff or at our request.
By installing the Agent it enables this computer to be remote controlled by Infinity Computing staff to enable us to provide remote IT support to you.

Click here to install the Agent.


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