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We're proud to be a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, a registered FileMaker Developer.

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a simple to use yet powerful relational database.  Where you could use Microsoft Word to create word documents, Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets you could use FileMaker to create bespoke databases.  More information about FileMaker can be found on their website:


What is a database?

A database can be used to store large amounts of data which can easily be searched and manipulated.  In addition to this tasks can be automated to enabled repeating tasks to be carried out automatically to reduce manual processing.

A database is a blank canvas, it can be used to store information on a wide variety of subjects, for example:

  • Customer / membership details 

  • Products / services you sell 

  • Customer orders 

  • Dispatch and stock control 

  • Invoicing and receipt of payments

Having worked with FileMaker since 1995 we are an experienced developer who can quickly and efficiently work with you to build a bespoke database solution to suite the needs of your business.

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