VOIP Telephone Systems

We have partnered with 3CX to provide a VOIP telephony service that includes a huge array of features at a low monthly cost.  VOIP technologies have improved drastically over recent years and we believe now is a great time to move your outdated ISDN phone system or local PBX to 3CX, a hosted fully functional telephone system.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, this is where a voice service can be delivered over an internet connection to fit a more modern digital world.  More conventional telephone systems utilise ISDN lines however these are due to be switched off within the UK by 2025.

In order to supply a VOIP telephone system a number of components are needed:

3CX Licence

There are 3 different types of 3CX licence, Standard, Pro and Enterprise.  Compare the features of these licences here.  The cost of the 3CX licence also depends on the number of simultaneous calls you want to make, as a rough guide you will need 1 simultaneous call for every 3-4 extensions you have.  Once you know the licence type you require and the number of simultaneous calls you can work out the annual cost of your 3CX licence here.


PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, this is the brain of your phone system, it's a clever piece of software that provides all of your 3CX functionality.  You can either host your PBX in the cloud or install your PBX on a computer in your premises (more suited to larger organisations with lots of telephone extensions).  In most circumstances we recommend hosting your PBX in the cloud, the cost of hosting your PBX depends on the number of extensions you have.  Up to 10 extensions will cost £10 initial setup plus £10 per month and up to 25 extensions will cost £30 initial setup plus £30 per month.  If you require more than 25 extensions please get in touch for a quote.

SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk is required to connect your PBX to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), this enables you to make and receive calls.  Each SIP trunk enables you to make/receive one simultaneous call.  You therefore need a SIP trunk for each simultaneous call you want to make.  SIP trunks are priced at £10 per month per SIP trunk and includes unlimited* calls to UK landline and mobile numbers.  *Fair usage policy applies.

Telephone Number

We can either supply a new number/numbers or we can port over your existing telephone number(s).  Please contact us to discuss your requirements, as a general rule a telephone number is £1 per month per number.


In addition to the initial setup of the PBX and SIP trunk(s) there will be an additional cost for the setup and configuration of your 3CX system, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can quote for this.

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