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We hope to add more useful resources on this page very soon, if you are in need of any IT support please come back here and check this page before getting in touch.

Data Security

Making sure your school data is secure is very important, please read our data security document and adhere to our recommendations.  If anything is unclear please get in touch.

Click here to see our document  

Installing Microsoft Office on your Home Computer.

If your school has purchased the required licence then you will be able to install Microsoft Office on your computer from your school email account.  This may be useful for you if you are working from home.  Please ensure you take necessary precautions if you are accessing school documents on your home computer.  Please also read about Data Security above.

Click here to see our help sheet.

Remote Access using Splashtop

If you are using Splashtop to Remote Control your school computer we have written a help sheet that you may find useful.

Click here to see our help sheet.

Setting up OneDrive

If you are storing your documents in OneDrive you may want to setup OneDrive at Home.  If you do this please ensure your computer logon is secure and confidential.  Please also read about Data Security above.

Click here to see our help sheet.

Installing SMART Notebook at Home

If you want to use SMART Notebook at home a free version is available.

Click here to see our help sheet.

Using 7-Zip to Create and Extract an Archive

7-Zip if a free program that can be used to create an encrypted archive, this is useful if you want to email confidential information.

Click here to see our help sheet.

Copying Photo's/Video's off an iPad with File Explorer

We install File Explorer on most school iPads, this can be used to copy Photo's and Video's off the iPad onto the school server.  You need to be in school to do this.

Click here to see our help sheet.

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