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FileMaker Database - Make your business more efficient!

Why would I use FileMaker?


A database application is perfect for storing lots of data (known as records) in a single place.  You may want a simple database to store your contacts or the products that you sell, databases are far more efficient at storing data compared to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or even Word because a database is searchable so you can perform a quick and easy search to find the record you are looking for.


By linking multiple databases together (this is called making a relationship) you can build a database solution which can be used to manage your whole business for example this may include:


• Customer or Membership details


• Products or Services you may sell


• Customer Orders


• Dispatch and Stock Control


• Invoicing and Receipt of Payments




By using a database solution routine tasks can be automated to reduce manual repetitive work.  Multiple users can also simultaneously access your databases so that you can create a central place to store all your business critical information to increase collaboration within your business.



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